Are you searching for the best way to achieve a straight smile? If you have been wondering about wearing Invisalign or traditional braces, give us a call. We offer both at Wake Forest Family Dentistry, and we would be happy to review the best possibilities for your smile with you.

Straightening your teeth with braces, no matter your age, will bring you a better quality of life. In addition to elevating your confidence, straighter teeth are also easier to clean and more likely to be in good periodontal health.

What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Gum health | If your teeth are crowded or too widely spaced, it’s more likely that your gums will become swollen or inflamed due to bacteria accumulation. Fortunately, you can properly align your teeth with braces or Invisalign.
Better bite | A well-aligned bite is key to your comfort. A strong bite results in easier chewing and a varied diet.
Reduce risk | A straight smile is at lower risk for abnormal wear and stress on the jaw joints.
More confidence | You can see your interactions change when you have healthier self-esteem. Everyone admires a straight and even smile.

Commonly Asked Questions: Orthodontics

How will I have to change my lifestyle to wear braces?

Metal braces require small changes to your diet and cleaning routines. Invisalign allows you to remove and replace your aligners without making big changes to your daily life. Don’t worry–you can continue to play sports while wearing braces, although we recommend a protective mouth guard.

If I have had crooked teeth all my life, why consider orthodontics now?

It’s never too late to enjoy greater confidence and improved quality of life. When your teeth are well-aligned, you can also more easily care for your teeth, and avoid the pitfalls of poor smile health.

How can I take care of my braces?

Keep your teeth and braces clean with frequent brushing and flossing. Visit our office as instructed by Dr. Wagoner to keep your braces treatment moving swiftly.

We are excited to meet with you and have a conversation about your options to achieve straight teeth. To schedule your appointment, contact Wake Forest Family Dentistry today!