Root Canals

At our comprehensive practice, we have talented in-house specialists who can provide effective root canal therapy.

Are you experiencing tooth pain? Toothache may be caused by inflammation or infection inside the tooth.

When bacteria gets into a crack or chip in the tooth, it may reach the pulp. The pulp is a collection of soft tissues and nerves. When damaged, the pulp must be removed in order to save the tooth.

Signs of pulp damage include pain, sensitivity, tooth discoloration, or swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums. Without treatment, pulp infection can cause increasing pain, tooth loss, or an abscess.

We can perform root canal therapy in just a few visits. If you are experiencing tooth pain or other suspicious symptoms, we can take care of you at Wake Forest Family Dentistry.

Feeling Anxious about Root Canal Treatment?

There’s no need! We know that many patients feel nervous about root canal treatment, so we do everything in our power to make your experience easy.

Many patients are pleasantly surprised, and find that root canal treatment is no more painful than any other dental procedure. Our dentists use non-invasive methods, along with dental sedation options.

How Does a Root Canal Work?

  1. Your endodontist will administer x-rays and local anesthetic. He will isolate the affected area with a dental dam.
  2. He will make an opening in the crown of the tooth, and remove the pulp from the chamber. He will clean out the root canals.
  3. Your endodontist will fill the space with a biocompatible material to protect the tooth.
  4. You will return to the office for a dental crown or restoration. This will fortify the tooth and restore it to its optimal appearance.

Here at Wake Forest Family Dentistry, we offer first rate procedures that can help you regain your healthy smile. If you believe you may need root canal therapy, or any other dental care, contact our team today. We treat everything from emergencies to cosmetic needs, and we look forward to working with you.